UNIJET venturi vacuum generators effectively use compressed air to generate vacuum. Unlike traditional vacuum pumps, UNIJET.venturis are compact with no moving parts. Venturis require no maintenance, do not generate heat and are capable of generating vacuum levels as high as 26" of Hg.

These venturi devices create .8 to 2 CFM of vacuum flow and produce 26" of Hg of pressure using only 80 PSI of compressed air. Since there are no moving parts, this is a great vacuum source - reliable, efficient and surprisingly quiet.

Compressed air flows through a small circular opening to generate a high velocity. This air expands, resulting in decreased pressure to provide vacuum levels

  • Powerful design creates vacuum level up to 27" of Hg
  • No moving parts
  • Anodized aluminum body for exceptional durability
  • Maximum efficiency at only 80 PSI but will operate at up to 105 PSI
  • Air feed port uses convenient BSP fittings
  • Lifetime warranty

Single Stage Vacuum Generators 

Model FSVG 10 04 F SVG 15 06
Air Consumption  in cfm 1.8 4.1
Vacuum Flow in cfm 1.812 3.2
Orifice Size in mm 1 1.5
Air inlet & Exhaust Port  BSP 1/4" 3/8" 
Vacuum Port  BSP 1/4" 3/8" 
Overall Dimensions in mm  62 X 32 X 32 68 X 32 X 38