Unijet make Vacuum Conveyor is used to transfer powder material by using vacuum created by air operated vacuum Pumps. The unit consists of Vacuum Pump, Conveyor assembly, filtration unit, hopper cone, actuator and electro pneumatic control Panel. Higher capacity transfer can
be accomplished by changing the diameter and height of the conveyor assembly along with pump.

Salient Features :

  • Low maintenance
  • Dustless conveying
  • Compactness
  • Polished Stainless steel construction
  • High rate of transfer
  • Simplified installation
  • Bag/Cartridge Filter element
  • Portability
  • Low noise level

Vacuum Conveyor Operating Principle:

This conveyor uses Vacuum to pick up the material. Air operated Vacuum Pump is used to create Vacuum. When the air inside the pipe line is evacuated, the material moves into the pipeline and into vacuum conveyor due to difference in pressure.

Sequence of Operation:

1.Hopper door Closes
2.Vacuum Pump Starts
3.Material transfer takes place
4.Vacuum Pump Stops
5.Filter cleaning valve opens
6.Hopper door opens and discharges the material

The above cyclic process continues according to the requirement.

Unijet make Vacuum Conveyors can transfer from 1 Ton/Hr to 3 Ton/Hr*

vacuum conveyor.jpg
 *Data Refers to Bulk density of 800 Kg/m3 and conveying distance of 6m(Vertical :3m and Horizondal :3m)  
Technical Data - Vacuum Conveyor

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