Safety Valves (Compact Series)

UNIJET Safety valve or pressure relief valve is an automatic pressure reliving device that is mounted on a pressurized system to relieve the system of excess pressure when abnormal operating conditions cause the pressure to exceed a set limit. The primary purpose of a safety valve is the protection of life and property by preventing dangerous overpressure in vessels, lines or systems.

Unijet safety valves have soft seat eliminating metal to metal contact. Valves feature a large resilient poppet that provides bubble-tight closure. Brass construction and choice of seal materials provide excellent compatibility with air media.

Body Brass
Internal Parts Stainless steel, Brass
Seals Nitrile Or Viton(optional)
Working Media Filtered and Lubricated or Non lubricated Air
Operation Lift type poppet operated
Temperature Range -20ºC to 80ºC(for Nitrile seals)
-20ºC to 250ºC(for Viton seals)
Set Pressure Ratings Refer model number chart
BSP Pipe size(inches) Orifice Size(mm) Flow Rate(cfm) Set Pressure Range(Bar) Model Number
1/4 8 30 1.5-3 SFV G4 08 CS
6 50-68 5-10 SFV G4 06 CS
8 68-120 5-10 SFV G4 08 CS
3/8 6 50-68 5-10 SFV G6 06 CS
8 68-120 5-10 SFV G6 08 CS
1/2 8 68-120 5-10 SFV G8 08 CS
10 150-200 5-10 SFV G8 10 CS
3/4 10 150-200 5-10 SFV G12 10 CS

Note: Contact factory for other set pressure ranges

PIPE SIZES 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4
A 6.35 9.52 12.7 19.05
B 60 60 65 75
C Hex 19 Hex 19 Hex 22 Hex 32
All Dimensions are in mm
  • Small to medium size, multi-stage, air compressors, intercoolers, after coolers, instrument/control air lines and systems.
  • Air tanks/receivers and pressurized equipment.