Non-Return Valves

UNIJET Non-Return valve opens on a very low cracking pressure and closes at a low differential even at high pressure. The Non returnvalves feature a large, resilient poppet that provides soft-seat sealing for bubble tight closure, even under low pressure conditions. Gunmetal construction plus a choice of seal materials provide excellent compatibility with wide range of air media. The valve is efficient in operation while handling gases and liquids under pressure. Unijet check valves are perfect for applications requiring high pressures (up to 230 PSI standard).

The valve is self-aligning unit and hence can be mounted in any position. For easy service or repair, removal of hex nut from body gives quick access to valve’s poppet assembly without the need to disconnect piping.

Body Gunmetal
Internal Parts Gunmetal & stainless steel
Seals Nitrile Or Viton (optional)
Working Media Filtered and Lubricated or Non lubricated Air
Operation Lift type poppet operated
Temperature Range -20ºC to 80ºC (for Nitrile seals)
-20ºC to 250ºC (for Viton seals)
Pressure Ratings 0-230 PSI (0-16 bar)
BSP Pipe size(inches) Opening pressure(Bar) Weight(Kg) Model Number
1/2 0.1 0.187 NRV G8
3/4 0.1 0.475 NRV G12
1 0.1 0.995 NRV G16
1 1/2 0.1 1.564 NRV G24
2 0.1 2.142 NRV G32

PIPE SIZES(inch) 1/2 3/4 1 1 1/2 2
A 12.7 19.05 25.4 38.1 5.08
B 40.5 49 60.5 71 110
C 46 57 66 92 122
D Hex 22.7 Hex 28.575 Hex 34.92 Hex 50 Hex 63.5
E Hex 26 Hex 32 Hex 39.4 Hex 55.2 Hex 70

Dimensions are in mm

  • Any circuit that requires the flow of air, oil or water in only one direction.
  • Air compressors and controls
  • Industrial air dryers and controls